88sears.com Online HR System

The www.88sears.com is the online human resource system for the Sears employees, managers and partners. If you are one of the staff, you can create your own enterprise ID and password now to become 88sears.com associates. You can read in this article the services that the system offers to you.

Tracking Your Benefits and Earnings on Sears Employee Website

88sears.com is a website where employees can view the information of the Sears benefits and the earnings they have as long as they are working in the company. The employees can do the following:

  1. View the monthly pay checks.
  2. Make a direct deposit on your bank.
  3. Change the direct deposit information.
  4. Change also your W-4 information.

There are also many things you can learn on the website and the restrictions :

  1. Not every benefit is for the employee. There are several that requires requirements just like the duration of the work you have to give on the business prior to when you can acquire these benefits. While exploring the 88sears site, you will see the main points on the web page about the benefit, the requirements and when.
  2. You can also get some tools which can be relating to your work. You should check in case there are offered trainings that you ought to take to get well with the work with Sears. The site can give you newsletters and updates.
  3. On the web page, you may as well browse the guidelines, code of conducts and rules by the Human Resource department. It truly is helpful information with regards to your career, earnings and much more.
  4. There are several restrained places where it needs specific login information to view these areas. However, some of these are just limited to Sears Managers, Admin or partners.
  5.  The web site contains all the details that could be reasonably access by the workers and partners so not anyone will have questions regarding their career in the company.
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