Chase Bank Five Steps of Opening Account

Chase has been renowned as one of the trusted banks in United States because of the long service they have to people. Since up to now they are doing well, many large companies are opening an account with Chase. The service has even made better when they have taken their service of Chase online. This is to cater many clients that will not have time anymore to go to the bank and accomplish a transaction. There are services now that can be done online. If you are curious about Chase bank online services, you have to open your own account now. In this article, enumerated are the five steps on how to open an account with Chase, online or the traditional way:

  1. If you want to do it online, navigate your way on Once you landed on the page, pick out the account that fits you well. Most of individual people choose the Chase Checking account that requires to maintaining balance and fees.
  2. Look for the “Open Now” link and click it. This will be the start up of the process of opening an account in Chase online. To those who wanted to do it traditionally, you can use the site to search for the address of the nearest branch of the bank in your place.
  3. Present all the information needed such as your whole name, contact number, mailing address, employment details and birthday.
  4. Deposit a minimum of $25 as your initial balance to activate your account. You can do the process by going to the bank and deposit the money, transfer online through other bank, or mail a check.
  5. After 10 business days of depositing the initial balance, you will receive your debit card and checks.

That is how simple opening an account with Chase. No hassle to your part anymore when you can do it online. Chase auto loan is one of the many services that bank offers to qualified users.

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