How To Search Email On Your Gmail Account?

Having thousands of emails on your inbox can be very difficult when the time comes that you are looking for a particular email that contains important information. You will be rummaging your Gmail inbox looking for it. But what if you have to have it within 5 minutes? That would be difficult for thousands of emails. But in this blog post, you’ll be able to learn some of the basic tricks on how you can search on your inbox easily with.

As soon as you log in using your account, type the phrase “Search Mail” on the field. For easier way you can do by hitting the “/” on your keyboard. As soon as you hit enter a magnifying glass will show up that indicate you to search. When you wish to choose only a particular result of emails, click the Show Search Options. In there you can type in the sender’s email address the name of the sender that had sent you that email if you can still remember. You may place the area of interest or several sentences about the email. To read more about search, you could always subscribe to Gmail and look for yourself. You can also select much more the browse with the label and search what it’s all about whether it has got the attachment. Attachment can be handy to specify more your search. If you possibly could recall the file name of the attachment, will probably be a lot better. The best thing about Gmail is usually that the messages that belong on your spam and trash aren’t going to be included on the search. They also have this organization tool that lets you arrange your emails into folders. You can arrange your email by folders so searching is possible in less than 5 minutes. So, searching might be a lot easier and quicker if you have countless emails onto your account.

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