Receiving Payments from Child Support in Florida

Even if your parents are divorced, it is your right to be supported in both sides, especially if they are financially capable. For those who refuse will undergo to some legal actions from the Florida State. You can get information at My Florida County website. So, to get a child support, you have to do the following:image3

Payment Receiving from Direct Deposit

  1. The first you ought to do is authorize the Florida Department of Revenue to enable generating a direct deposit of money on your own bank account. It is best to apply for the Child Support Payment Options form and after which mail it on the address spotted in the form.
  2. Any time you need to set up a direct deposit of a checking account, a preprint voided check is important and the form.
  3. When you wish to generate a direct deposit of your savings account, you have to include a letter obtained within your bank with the entire bank routing number as well as your own account number.
  4. If you haven’t still acquired any support, it is possible to contact the regional Clerk of the Court office. There are many nearby court office numbers seen in the internet site.

Payment Receiving from Debit MasterCard

  1. For individuals who do not have a bank account, choosing a Florida Debit Mastercard can be a wise decision. This can be suitable for anyone who has bank accounts to employ.
  2. Just ask a card beginning with filling up the Child Support Payment Options form. Be sure to send it at the address seen in the form. The card is useful for three years and you might immediately receive a brand new one a month before the expiration date.
  3. Your balance can be check and its obtainable 24 hours a day and seven days per week online. Just create an account at Florida EPPICard website.
    d. You may observe of the every month should you be paid in the right amount. When not, it is easy to contact the regional Clerk of the Court office for complains.
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