Subscription Process of Gmail

One of the largest and popular webmail services now is Google’s very own product, Gmail. It is now widely used by many businessmen and in schools. There are many features that make people choose this service. You can research those features. In this article, you will learn the step by step Gmail sign up process.

1. Just browse through your way on Google mail’s homepage and type in the URL,
2. During the time you are on the page, seek for the “Create an account” web link and then click it. It should be found on the right side of the web content.
3. Then you will be navigated on the signing up page. On that point you can expect to complete the First Name, Last Name and your chosen email address. You can examine perhaps the email ID is available or not. Do not forget to check if you have chosen a unique email address.
4. Instantly you can expect to build and fill in the password. It has to contain no less than eight text letters. You might join letters and figures to have a guaranteed password which will be safe from cyber-terrorist. Confirm the strength of one’s password to be sure that it can be secured.
5. Decide upon your security question. This aspect is important as soon as you did not remember your password and will restore it. Google will ask the issue and you ought to resolve it. So, choose a question that you may simply can remember the answer.
6. Opt for your local area and type the verification code found on the page.
7. Check out the Terms of use by and when you come to an agreement tick “I accept”.

You are ready now to have your new account by following the steps above. Research more about Gmail features in Google.

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