The Business Entities in Florida

To raise their shares and funds, many business owners form and files to be a part of a business entity. In Florida, you can find many types of business entities that business owners can build. It does not need a lawyer to have one. It only requires effort, time and money to file in the State of Florida. You can read more here at But before you can file for one, make sure you already know all the types. In this way, you can choose according to what will fit for your company.

  1. State Corporations. The S and C Corporations are the present business corporations in Florida that people form. They are both legal business organizations in the state and differ when it comes to taxation and business strategies. C Corporation it assumes the debt of corporation and pays the taxes using the company instead of from personal company owners. S corporation the stockholders are allowed to contribute the payments of fees and income. Stakeholders pay off their very own taxes.
  2. Limited Liability Company. The company is join types of partnership and the corporation. This way, the company owners use the option what route to be taxed. It’s just like a single-owner kind of business. This is due to it shields the property owner via the liabilities when the business can build up.
  3. Partnership. All business partners in this type must contribute their capital shares and liability payments in case the organization has debts. The income in the business is recorded within the company owners as personal taxes return. This way is considered as an unincorporated business.
  4. Sole Proprietorship. This type is not difficult to build and then to end. The singular proprietorship claims all of its profits and payments as personalized taxes. It is not similar to LLC that will pay for the 5.5 percent of tax from the company.

Now you know the four types of business entities in Florida. You can now choose what fits your business. The limited liability company Florida is also considered as one business entities that a business can form.

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