The Way in Using CorrLinks Program

Unlike other commercial webmail services that only allows inmates to read their emails by printing it. But with CorrLinks, they can setup an account and have access directly to replying to the recipient. All they need is to subscribe 0.05$ per minute and they can now send multiple emails to people they wanted to talk to. Here are the ways on how to use the system once you have your own account.image 2

  1. The emails you might open in your CorrLinks inbox will have the particular identification code you possessed over the invitation email through the system. The code will often compose of letters. Make certain that what email address you utilize on application is the exact email address the invites was sent.
  2. The system will be sending you an invitation together with the federal inmate name to let you know he or she wishes to put you on the contact list. You will surely have the option to approve or reject it. But in the event you agree to, you will register having an email address and then the code you acquired. This code will expire 10 days following the day it was emailed. The inmate will instantly choose a message to alert that you agreed to the request.
  3. To register, only navigate to the program site at It is important to prepare the identification code and email address to sign up. Setting up a password might be important. Password will need to contain letters and numbers so it won’t be quick to figure out. After signing up, you are going to wait 20 to 40 minutes for the validation of your submission.
  4. Any time you find a message with your CorrLinks account and also have established a message alert, this software will update you on the email supplied. All messages may go with checking and would take 1 hour just before you have the message.

What are you waiting for? Create your own account now.

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