Various Financial Services Offered By NCSECU

State Employees Credit Union is one of the largest credit union in United States. They offer financial services like other banks. All you need is to be a member of the organization. You can visit their website at If you become a member, here are the services you can enjoy:image 2

  • Types of Loans. North Carolina State Employees’ Credit Union presents different kinds of loans which include automotive loans, mortgage loan, and individual loans. The interest fees are much less than the banks, and various private lenders. The requirements are actually easy to meet and friendlier in assessing your request.
  • Lots of Branches. As soon as you sign up to credit union, you don’t have to visit their office to only withdraw. It’s possible to do banking at the morning and perhaps do other types of transactions. Providing that the bank or the credit union is part of the service center networks. You have access to your account in SECU over the branches even closer your house or employment. Only present your account number along with ID with the teller.
  • Visa Credit Card. NC State Employees’ Credit Union comes with credit card in their members. It is possible to ask for this service within your local branch, by online application using the account or contact the customer assistance. It gives lower rate compared to credit cards in the lender and has no annual fee. You can discover information about the website of how you could submit an application for the service along with the options they offer to you.
  • Checking and savings account. This sort of account typically has no cost and perhaps has greater interests unlike other bank savings account. There may be even no cost whenever you withdraw cash on ATM machines. It’s possible to withdraw every bank or credit union make sure that it’s section of the group of SECU.

You can now visit and view more financial services.

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